Group structures in My Effectory

What is a group structure? A group structure in My Effectory is a representation of your organization. It is used to classify your employees into participant groups on a hierarchical basis. Every project you create in My Effectory must have at least one group structure.
What do I need group structures for? Based on the structures, you can:
  • assign access rights to projects for managers and coordinators
  • invite participants to your surveys
  • analyze results
How can I set up a group structure? You usually define the group structure during the initial project setup.
Note: Depending on your plan, it is also possible to create additional group structures, which enables you to run more accurately targeted surveys and segment your results based on different perspectives.

Types of group structures

You can create different types of group structures in My Effectory by arranging variables from your employee data into different levels to reflect your organization's setup. The quality and completeness of the employee data you import into My Effectory determine the range of possibilities of structures you can create in your projects.
What types of group structures are there? The most common type is the organizational structure. This typically reflects an organization's current setup, starting from the highest level (the organization itself) down to the individual teams.
Examples of other common group structures are:
  • Geographic Your employees are organized based on location data.
  • Demographic Your employees are organized based on demographic attributes.
  • Functional Your employees are organized based on role functions.
  • Division Your employees are organized based on division units.
  • Project teams Your employees are organized based on specific projects they are part of.
  • Managers Only includes the organization's managers, organized hierarchically.

Tip! Group structures can also be modifications of one another (e.g., an organizational structure excluding all managers), or a hybrid containing elements from different types of structures (e.g., an organizational structure with an extra geographic layer added).
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