My Effectory Release Notes (02-04-2024)

Multiple group structures

With this release we enable organizations to manage multiple structures for a project directly in My Effectory.​ This particularly addresses the need of matrix organizations to analyze their survey results from different perspectives, unlocking greater flexibility and providing more relevant and actionable insights.

The benefits of using multiple group structures can be seen throughout your projects:

  • When assigning coordinators and managing access rights.
  • When inviting participants to your surveys.
  • When following a survey's response rate.
  • When viewing your survey results. 


General latency and performance improvements

We have made some general improvements to the platform that will enhance its performance.


Editing coordinator names

Central coordinators can now edit other coordinators' user names from the Group coordinators overview.


HiBob and Workday integrations

My Effectory now has native integrations with two new HR systems: HiBob and Workday!


New dashboard tiles for Team Development 

We have updated the results dashboard's overview page with new tiles for our Team Development solution. This update enables you to see at a glance the most important insights tailored specifically to this solution. The new dashboard tiles include:

  • Energy level
  • Team performance
  • Positive work perception
  • Team progression
  • Above the surface


New distribution of answers report

We have developed a new PowerPoint report designed specifically to dig deeper into your questions' distribution of answers.


Onboarding and Exit survey benchmark updates

We have carried out major updates on the benchmark calculations used for Onboarding and Exit surveys.

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