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Sharing survey results with relevant stakeholders is a crucial step in the employee listening journey. My Effectory offers two powerful features to help you manage this process, ensuring that the relevant insights reach the right people at the best time. By seamlessly integrating Results access and Results release settings, you are given the ability to tailor the release of your survey results to your organization's specific needs.

What are the Results release settings? This article will cover everything you need to know about the Results release settings, which let you configure when and how the results are being shared. For more information about the Results access settings, which enable you to determine who should have access to your survey's response rate and results, please refer to this article instead.


The benefits of the Results release settings

The benefits of the Results release settings include:

  • Aligning the release of your survey results with strategic initiatives and milestones to maximise their impact.
  • Targeted distribution of insights, ensuring relevant stakeholders receive only what they need.
  • Fostering collaboration and dialogue among stakeholders by facilitating the timely sharing of survey results.
  • The possibility to only share survey results when you're really ready for it.


How to set up the results release

Once a survey is active, either the survey creator and Central or Project coordinators can access these settings:

  1. Log into My Effectory and access your project from the Projects tab.
  2. In the Survey status tile, click on View all surveys.
  3. Select the running or completed survey for which you want to manage access to the results.
  4. In the Results settings tile, click on Results release.
    > A side panel opens, presenting three options:


Understanding the three options for results release

Option 1: Response rate only

This is the default setting, meaning that only the response rate is visible to the coordinators linked to groups within the survey.


Option 2: Release to everyone

Enabling this option shares results with all users with access to the results as soon as result calculations are completed. This applies to:

  • Coordinators linked to one or more groups within the survey. You can add or remove coordinators to your survey on the Results access page.
  • Participants who can access the My Feedback platform. If your organization does not use My Feedback, participants do not get access to any result insights.

Once the calculations have been completed and the results are ready to be shared, My Effectory will automatically release them and notify the relevant users.

This option displays the estimated release date of the results based on the current survey end date. Do keep in mind that the actual release date may vary!


Note: If the calculations have already been completed and the results have not been shared with any user groups, you can use this option to give everyone immediate access at once.


Option 3: Phased release to selected users

This option enables you to release the survey results in phases that you can tailor to your organization's needs by selecting specific users and release dates.

Your phases' release date and time are fully customizable, and must be set to a future date and at least one day after the survey end date.


Custom phases

You can create custom phases for coordinators by clicking + Add phase. For each phase created, you can then determine the name, release date, and the coordinators that should be included.

Any coordinators who are not part of a custom phase remain in the All users with results access phase (see below), which only becomes active if a date is set for it.

Note: Custom phases are exclusive to coordinators! Survey participants gain access to My Feedback at once based on the date set in the Participants phase.


Suggested phases

When enabling this option, two phases are automatically suggested:

  • All users with results access: Includes all coordinators linked to groups within the survey. The complete overview of the coordinators included in this phase can be found in the survey's Result access settings.
  • Participants: Includes all participants who have access to My Feedback.

You can make either of these two phases active by adjusting the date with the date picker on the right-hand side. If you do not pick a date for a phase, it remains inactive and the results for that specific group are not released.


Survey extensions

When extending a survey, phases are not automatically updated. You must manually adjust the dates of previously configured phases to ensure the release of the results and notifications are correctly scheduled.

If the dates are not adjusted, access for all the coordinators or participants that belong to phases in the past is automatically granted, and e-mail notifications are sent immediately once the calculation of the results is complete.


Changing the results release settings

You may switch between settings by selecting a different option from the Results release side panel. When doing so, some business rules apply:

  • Changing your setting to Response rate only will erase any previously configured phases.
  • Once groups have been granted access to the results, reverting to Response rate only is no longer possible.

Revoking results access: You cannot revoke access to a survey's results by changing your Results release settings. You can grant or revoke access rights for your survey from the Results access settings only.


E-mail notifications to view the results

Once the results are calculated and the scheduled date arrives, participants and (selected groups of) coordinators gain access to the survey results and are immediately notified via e-mail accordingly.


Warning messages

My Effectory may display information or warning messages about your result release schedules:

  • Results are still being calculated: The calculations are in progress. Once they are completed successfully, the results will be ready to be released when the release date arrives.

  • Results are delayed due to a pending calculation: The release of results is delayed because the calculation is still pending.

    We recommend reaching out to our Helpdesk to investigate the issue and initiate a new calculation process. Once the calculation is finalized, the survey results will be ready for release.

  • E-mail notifications failed - Results are released: Although the release date for the results has arrived and the calculations were successful, notification e-mails could not be sent for technical reasons. The results, however, are available and can be accessed by logging onto My Effectory.

    If you encounter this issue, please get in touch with our Helpdesk for assistance. Our team will investigate the matter and ensure that new notification e-mails are promptly rescheduled. 
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