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The Effectory Action Planner allows you to pin scores, formulate goals, and manage actions to follow up on your survey results effectively


How does it work?

You can pin interesting or relevant scores in the results dashboard. This can be done by clicking on the pin button which can be found:

  • Overview page: on the top right of each tile
  • Scores: when hovering over the question
  • Topics & Ideas: on the top right of each tile (topics can be pinned individually)
  • Themes: on the top right of each theme tile

When you click on the pin: 

  • A pop-up window appears which shows what you are pinning and the respective score.
  • You must allocate a goal to each pinned item: Promote, Improve, or Contemplate.

On the top right, a pop-up shows you that the score has been pinned and you can either directly add actions or continue pinning scores. If you click on “Add actions”, a window opens on the right, where a description and an action(s) can be added (optional).  

Once all relevant scores have been pinned, you can continue planning actions by clicking on the Action tab. This is where an overview of all pinned scores can be found, including their scores, goals, and actions. To provide more context per pin, you can add a description and action(s):​ 

  • Add a description: “What needs to be done?”​
  • Add an action ​
  • Set a deadline​
  • Assign a person or a team

Once actions have been added, you can follow the progress, mark completed tasks (by clicking on the circle) and edit or delete actions​. 

You can also:​ 

  • Add a custom pin. This is a pinned item not linked to a score. The same steps can be taken as other pinned items​
  • Search. Look up a specific pin (based on title or description)​
  • Progress. Follow the progress of the actions​


Action Planner Export

The Action Export provides a comprehensive overview of the actions generated from the results dashboard.

When clicking on Export, an excel file is downloaded that includes all actions and pinned items for the selected group. The file includes all relevant information for the user, such as status, deadline, score, last edit, and more.

Basic information such as the group, survey, and measurement name is also provided in each sheet

Actions are organized for efficiency:

  • Open actions are prioritized at the top
  • Followed by completed actions
  • Actions are sorted by deadline, with the nearest deadline at the top

If applicable, the file includes two tabs:

  1. Actions: these are the pinned items with linked actions
  2. Pins without actions: these are pinned items that do not have any actions linked (yet)
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