After the Scan: Discussion in the team

For achieving optimal results with the Team Development Scan, it is essential that the team commonly discusses the results and commits to follow-up actions on the results. This article shares a suggestion for an agenda for such a discussion meeting.


  • Everyone on the team should have had a look at the results 
  • Make sure that the results are also accessible during the meeting
  • Share a preparatory task: Ask participants to think about one or two top areas of consideration they find most necessary to tackle at the moment

Meeting Set-up

Duration: 2 hours

You don't have two hours? In that case, regard steps 1 and 2 in an initial meeting and schedule another meeting to discuss step 4. Step 3 can be tackled independently by subgroups in preparation for the second meeting. 

Step 1 (20 mins): Exploring

Start the meeting by letting everyone briefly answer this question:What result was most striking for you and why? 

Step 2 (30 mins): Selecting

  1. As your starting point, use the "top areas for consideration." Work together to answer the following questions: 
    • Did step 1 lead to new insights that make you want to change/expand the top areas for consideration? 
    • What characteristic(s) are you as a team not yet demonstrating? And what areas for consideration does this imply? Do you want to add these points to (or trade them in for) you’re your current top areas for consideration? 

2. As a team, choose the three most essential points from your list (Three points are keeping things manageable; it can also be fewer than three) 

3. Create subgroups for each point by asking: Who wants to elaborate on which point and commit to it? 

Step 3 (35 mins): Elaborating

The subgroups are working on their points individually.

  1. Allow the subgroups to dive deep into their chosen point. You can do this by dividing the following tasks among the group:
  2. Consider the tips/solutions we have mentioned as a team
  3. Read up on the Tips & Best practices on My Effectory and consider whether they are suitable for the team
  4. Ask the subgroup to arrive at a proposal for the team: What will we do to improve on this point? The proposal should be as concrete as possible (what, when, how, by whom, etc.).

Step 4 (30 mins): Solidifying

  1. The subgroups present their proposal and adjust the proposals as needed based on the team's feedback.
  2. Determine one responsible person per action point. They are the point of contact for this and monitor the progress of the action.


Improvements are easiest to achieve if the team regularly assesses their progress. For this reason, you should start planning when to conduct the next Team Development Scan while discussing the current scan’s results.

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