Guide: Conducting the Team Development Scan

This article gives an overview of all the steps of the Team Development Scan.

1. Check if the team meets the requirements for the scan.

Read more here: Before the Scan: Criteria for Using the Team Development Scan

2. Plan the right time for the scan.

For optimal engagement in the process and the follow-up actions, the team should commonly decide whether and how often they will use the Team Development Scan.

3. Assign coordinator rights in My Effectory.

Read more here: Before the Scan: Assign coordinator rights

4. Create the Team Development Scan survey.

Read more here: Creating a Survey in My Effectory

5. View the results after the survey is closed.

Once the survey period has ended, each team member will be invited to view the team's results. Read more about how to use the Results dashboard here: How to use the results dashboard? – Effectory

6. Discuss the results with the team.

  • Discussing the results: The results provide a clear picture of where the team stands and the key areas for improvement. This is the starting point for a meeting about improving team performance. Read more here: After the Scan: Discussion in the team
  • More help needed? If teams need further help or inspiration, we can provide, on request, a number of exercises or interventions for each question that the team can use. 
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