Before the Scan: Criteria for Using the Team Development Scan

There are four criteria that a team should ideally fulfill for successful use of the Team Development Scan.

  1. A fully-fledged team: To initiate a team’s progress using the Team Development Scan, the team must truly function as a team. This means that the team must pursue a common goal involving a certain degree of agency to achieve that goal. In addition, the entire team must meet regularly.  

  2. Motivation in the team: The starting point of Team Development should always be the team that decides to work on achieving better team performance. The process can, of course, be initiated by a supervisor, but for the best results with the Team Development Scan, the majority of the team must support this cause. 

  3. Team size (for confidentiality): Our results dashboard reports scores for teams with at least 5 respondents. If fewer than 5 team members responded (but at least more than 3), the dashboard shows limited insights. See Confidentiality rules: Why do I see limited results or no results? – Effectory for more information.

  4.  Discussion of results and follow-up: Change is not happening solely by conducting the scan. It is essential that the team commits to discussing the results and to following up by creating achievable action points.
    • Ideally, the discussion of the results should take place with all team members at the same time. Preparation and follow-up work in small groups is possible, but the results are often less effective.  
    • Progress can be slower for less established teams that are less accustomed to self-reflection. However, the Team Development Scan is an excellent tool to help these teams make team dynamics transparent and open them up for discussion.
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