Confidentiality rules: Why do I see limited results or no results?


The survey results for your team or organization are visible in the results dashboard in My Effectory. When working with survey results, Effectory takes great care to safeguard the anonymity of the respondents. This will sometimes mean that result are not visible, or limited. In this article you will learn when limited or no results are shown. 


Minimum group size

To ensure that answers cannot be traced back to individual participants, Effectory will only report results for groups that have 5 or more participantsIn some cases, employers decide to increase this minimum group size, usually between five and ten employees (five is the absolute minimum). If your group has less than 5 participants, you will not see full results. 


Minimum response rate

In addition to group size, there is also a minimum number of required respondents. There must be at least 5 respondents to see full results

If your group has less than 5 respondents, you will not see full results. 


Groups with less then 5 respondents

For a group with less than 5 respondents, a notification is shown to the user that explains the limitation in viewing the full detail of the results. 



For groups with 3 or 4 respondents (regardless of the size of the group), limited insights will be shown.

  • The overview page on shows "What goes well & What you can improve" tiles are visible on the overview page (provided that one or more questions have a relevant positive or negative difference from the organizational average). No scores are visible.
  • The Scores page show scores from the group one level above so that there is a reference score to show since the selected group is part of this bigger group.



See the parent group

For groups with 1 or 2 respondents the overview page does not show "What goes well" and "What you can improve". The Scores page still shows scores from the group one level above.  

When your group's results are not shown, because the group it too small or the response rate is too low, the results of these respondents are still included in the group at the level above. 

For instance: Team "Sales inbound" and Team "Sales Outbound" are too small to receive full results.

Yet, their results are part of the higher level group "Sales", which does have full results. 



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