How to delete employee data?


You have already uploaded employee data in My Effectory. Yet, to keep your employee data up to date you might need to delete employees. In this article you will learn how to delete employee data.


Delete Employees

To delete employees from your employee data, there are two options. 

  1. Select employees by ticking the box on the left. Click “Delete employees” in the menu that appears at the bottom:blobid0.png


2. Click on the 3 dots for the employee you want to delete and select “delete employees”.blobid1.png


Delete columns

To delete columns, click on the 3 dots after the column name. Select “Delete column”.


As mentioned before, if a column is currently being used in an organizational structure, it is not possible to delete that column, as this would break the organizational structure. A dialog will appear to tell you which survey the affected hierarchy belongs to:


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