How to update employee data?


You have already uploaded employee data in My Effectory. Yet to keep your employee data up to date you might need to add new employees. In this article you will learn how to update employee data.

Note: If you want to upload data for the first time in My Effectory, follow this guide : How to upload my employee data into My Effectory?

Adding data or Re-uploading a data-file

If you want to add employee data, you have a few options.

You can add individual employees in My Effectory, or upload an updated data files that will replace the existing data. 

To do this, use the 4 actions at the top of the employee data page: 


Add employee: Add 1 individual employee.

Upload data: Upload a new data file data.

Download data: Download the existing data into an Excel file.

and Search: Search for employees in the Search bar .


1. Add employee

Click Add employee to add an empty row. Enter the employee information of a new employee.  

Click the green tick icon of press enter to add the employee. 

blobid1.pngThese new values are validated. This means that if you enter an invalid value (e.g. an invalid date format), you will get an error message. 

2. Download data

Click download data to download all current participant data in an Excel file.

Note: When downloading data from My Effectory invalid data rows will be shown at the top of the file, and in red. The cells with incorrect values are highlighted in dark red. The top row (the headers) are locked and cannot be edited.


3. Upload data

Do you want to add a lot of data or make changes in bulk for multiple employees? The best way to do this is by uploading a new / updated excel document. 

  • By clicking on upload (new) data you will be guided through a similar upload process as the first time you uploaded employee data in My Effectory.  
  • A new file must contain the Employee ID column. All other columns are optional.

4. Search

Use the search bar to find employees. The search applies to any column.


You cannot search across columns. For instance,if you have a separate "First Name" and "Last Name" column, it is not possible to search for the full name.


Making changes in a newly uploaded data set

When you upload a new data set, you will see the 5 steps of the upload process at the top of the screen. This process is very similar to when you first uploaded data. There is one extra step; the “column changes” step. In this step, My Effectory compares the initial data with the newly uploaded data.



If the newly uploaded file does not contain some of the columns included in the original data file, you will be presented with the missing columns in the “column changes” step. In this step you have the option to remove these columns by checking the box “Delete X columns”.


Important notes: 

Columns that are currently being used in the organizational structure of one of your projects cannot be removed. 

  • A confirmation dialog will indicate which columns can and cannot be removed. 
  • blobid5.png
  • Click on "View projects" to see which projects are using the columns you might want to delete. Click “delete X of X columns” to remove the columns that can be removed. 
  • If you want to remove other columns as well, you will have to remove the corresponding levels in the hierarchy first.
  • After confirming your column changes, you will see a list of employee changes that will be implemented. Here you must choose whether you want to delete the employees that are not in the new file but that were included in the previous data file.


When the survey is running 

Data can be changed up until 12 hours before the start of a survey. After this time limit data cannot be adjusted anymore if something is incorrect

  • 12 hours before the start of a survey, the hierarchy freezes. This meanstheorganizational structure and all the access rights that apply at this time will remain the same throughout the duration of the survey. 
  • 12 hours before the start of a survey, changes made to the employee data will not apply for this particular survey. This makes sure the survey can be run without interference from changing employee information. The only changes in employee data that will be taken into account for running surveys are changes in First name, LastName and EmailAddress

Timing is important!Our advice is to make sure your employee data to up to date before the start of a survey.





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