Role management - How to add Group Coordinators?


You will be asked to add Group Coordinators when setting up a project. Group Coordinators are coordinators assigned to a group in the organizational structure. Depending on their role, Group Coordinators can create surveys and/or view survey results. They are (usually) managers. Assigning someone as Coordinator gives them the right to access their groups’ planned surveys and results. In this article, you will learn about Group Coordinators and how to assign someone the role of a Group Coordinator.



What are Group Coordinators?

Group Coordinators are those within your organization who have been assigned the rights to create surveys and/or view survey results. There are two types of Group Coordinators

Local Coordinators can create surveys and view results for the groups they are assigned to.

Results Access Coordinators can view the survey results of the groups they are assigned to. Results Access Coordinators cannot create surveys.

When you assign someone as Group Coordinator to a group, they get access to that group as well as to all groups below this group based on the organizational structure.

Learn more about coordinator roles and rights here: Coordinator roles - What do the different roles in My Effectory mean? – Effectory


Before the survey has started, you can assign Group Coordinators on the Group Coordinator page. Follow the step-by-step guide below.

STEP 1: Go to the Role Management page (in the Project Management title on your Project page)

When setting up a project you will be asked to go through a several steps. The required steps are shown in the field named “Pack your essentials!” on the project page. 

The last step is to add Group Coordinators. Click on “Manage roles” to access the Group Coordinator page.


STEP 2: Choose your preferred option in the Coordinator linking feature (Off, Auto-Assign, or Auto-Suggest)
Once on the group coordinator coordinator page, click the box titled “Coordinator linking” on the top right screen to select if/how you want My Effectory to help you assign coordinators. blobid1.pngmceclip2.png


There are three options of automated role assignment:

  • Automated assignment Off: This means you will manually assign all group coordinators for your project.
  • Auto-suggest: This means you will receive suggestions for group coordinators based on the manager information in your employee data. You will have to accept or decline these suggestions manually.
  • Auto-assign: This means group coordinators will be automatically assigned based on the manager information in your employee data. Please note: This setting requires that your employee file is always correct and up to date. 
STEP 3: Assign coordinators

Depending on your choice in the previous step, different actions apply.

  • If you chose Automated assignment Off, click on “Assign coordinator” for each group in your organizational structure. You can now search for the employee you want to make coordinator. Or click on “Add coordinator” and enter the employee name and email address.blobid2.png
  • If you chose Auto-suggest, you will see the suggested coordinator for each group in your organizational structure.  blobid3.png

You have the option to Accept or Decline a suggestion. For bulk assignment, click “Accept all” or “Decline all” in the top banner.blobid4.pngPlease note: Declined suggestions will not reappear later on. Even when switching to auto-assign. Accepted suggestions will stay, even when switching to Off (manual assignment) or auto-assign.

  • If you chose Auto-assign, you will see the coordinator names assigned to each group.

blobid5.pngPlease note: for groups that do not have manager information in your employee data, no coordinator will be assigned. You can still add a coordinator manually by clicking on “Assign coordinator”

STEP 4: Select a role (Local Coordinator or Results Access)
Once added, the selected employees will appear as Results access coordinator by default. You can adjust this role to Local coordinator by clicking on “Results access”. A choice menu will appear.
STEP 5: Click on Review & confirm on the bottom right
While assigning roles, blue dots appear next to your employee’s names. These dots point to unconfirmed changes. mceclip2.png

When you are happy with your selection of coordinators, click on “review and confirm” to confirm your changes. 

You will see an overview of the coordinators you have assigned and their roles. When you confirm your changes, the employees of your choice will be assigned their new roles. They will receive a confirmation email after confirming this.


Note: the added coordinators will have access to assigned groups for all future surveys. They will not have access to surveys completed in the past. If you want to add a coordinator to an already completed survey, follow the steps below.

When a new survey is created, the access rights based on the Role Management page of the whole project will automatically apply to planned and new surveys. However, once a survey period has already started, assigning access rights on the project level will no longer affect the survey level. If you want to add or remove additional coordinators to the running survey, you can do this manually by following these steps:


STEP 1: Go to Projects and select the survey you want to add or remove a coordinator to (available for running and completed surveys)


Step 1 - survey level Role management - How to add group coordinators.png


STEP 2: Go to Result settings and select Result access (this becomes available once the survey has started)
Step 2 - survey level Role management - How to add group coordinators.JPG  
STEP 3: Click on the + to add a coordinator, or click on the three dots behind a coordinator’s name to remove them as a coordinator


Step 3 - survey level Role management - How to add group coordinators.JPG



Search and edit options

Do you want to know more about coordinator linking and how it works? See Coordinator linking - What is it and how does it work? 


What happens if I add a role during a survey?
When a coordinator role is added on the project level (the Role management page) during a survey, all changes will automatically apply to all planned and future surveys, but not to surveys that are already running! If you want to add a coordinator to a running or completed survey, select the specific survey and use the tab Result settings to change the access rights.

What happens when I assign an employee as coordinator?
Newly assigned coordinators will receive an activation e-mail after the roles are confirmed. In that e-mail they are asked to create an account in My Effectory. 

What happens if I remove rights from a coordinator?
Removing someone’s rights on the project level will not affect the rights of a running survey. This means that access to that particular survey remains for that person. Therefore, the removal of coordinators solely surveys scheduled after that.

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