How to upload employee data into My Effectory?


Organizing your employee data in an Excel spreadsheet and uploading it to My Effectory; That might sound like a lot of work, but don’t worry! This article will walk you through all the necessary steps to get you set for listening as soon as possible.  

How to get started
Go the “employee” tab in My Effectory.


Click "Get started" to start the process of uploading employee data (you will then see a new page). On this page you will be guided through the upload process. There are 2 steps: 

  1. Prepare file
  2. Upload file 
Select the tabs below to view the explanation per step.
1. Prepare file 2. Upload file

The first step is to prepare an Excel file containing your employee data using the right data fields. To help you out with this, there is a template available [also for InternetSpiegel]  that contains all essential data fields, as well as an explanation on why each data field is required.

Download and copy paste your employee data in the Excel template! Add more columns if needed in any order you prefer.
Tip: If you’re using an HR system, export your employee data to an Excel file and copy paste the data in the template.

Here is an overview of which data fields to add a why. After all, the way your data is organized is key for insightful results.

  1. Include e-mail addresses. For employees that don’t have an email-address, you can download hard-copy invitations. You can leave that data cell empty.
  2. Include unique IDs (Mandatory!) for each employee in your file. This field is necessary to send your employees online survey invites and distinguish between employees. If you don’t have unique numbers for your employees, you can add unique numbers.
  3. Include a first name and a last name This way we can personally address your employees in their survey invites and questionnaires.
  4. Include a column with language codes to set each employee’s preferred language. This helps us send your employee’s invitations and surveys in the right language.
  5. Include the organizational levels your employees belong. Having all the relevant organizational levels in your employee data is essential for building your organizational structure later on. A complete and accurate organizational structure is key for assigning coordinator rights and obtaining insightful survey results.

    How to build organizational levels? First make sure all employees are assigned to level 1: your organization. Next, add columns for the regions, departments, manager teams, units and teams that your employees are part of, and assign the right group name to each employee See the example below.


  6. Add a manager column and assign the right manager's name to each employee. With this information we can easily group your employees in teams. Correct manager information is also necessary to assign coordinator rights to managers. As coordinators, managers can manage projects, create surveys and/or view survey results for their teams. Note: If you want managers to also receive surveys, don’t forget to add them to your file as employees.
  7. (optional)Add more employee characteristics such as age, gender, salary scale, tenure, educational level etc. This can give you even more insightful results.
  8. When planning an Onboarding or Exit project, add the following columns: “Onboarding yes/no” and Exit: yes/no”)

    Important notes:
  9. Make sure to add information in accordance with our data processing agreement (processing instructions),
  10. Make sure you always use the European date format (mm-dd-yyyy).

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