What is Single Sign-On (SSO) and how to set it up?


SSO, which stands for Single Sign-On, is a session and user authentication service that allows a user to use one set of login credentials (e.g., work/ company credentials) to access multiple applications. For Effectory this is applicable for the questionnaires, My Effectory and My Feedback. 

What are the benefits of using SSO?

SSO is a big advantage for users, because:

  • Control. By using SSO your organization will provision access based on active accounts in the email extensions that are managed by your organization.
  • Greater security and compliance. SSO offers the possibility to make the network safer. Adding accounts for new employees and deactivating accounts at the end of employment is also easier with SSO, because the client is in control.
  • Improved usability and employee satisfaction. By using SSO you only have one way of signing in. A user doesn’t have to remember multiple login names and passwords, when using different applications.
  • Lower IT costs.

What are the applications of Effectory that I can use SSO for?

Effectory supports Single Sign-On in our systems, for logging in to questionnaires, My Effectory and My Feedback. It is highly recommended from our side to use SSO.


What systems are (not)supported by Effectory?

In order to use your own identity provider to log in to Effectory systems, some information has to be provided so that the configuration can be set up in our systems.  Effectory enables SSO for customers if the customer uses Microsoft Entra ID (formerly known as Azure Active Directory), OpenID Connect SURFConnext & AFDS. If you use Office365 through your company account, it is an indication that you use Microsoft Entra ID.

Not supported systems and protocols
Unfortunately we cannot support all systems and protocols used for Single Sign-On. Effectory does not support the SAML protocol and does not support ADFS 3.0 or below. ADFS starting from Windows Server 2016 (v4.0) is supported by using the OpenID Connect protocol.

How to set up SSO?

Provide the right information to set up the configuration of SSO in our systems so that you can use your own identity provider to log in to Effectory systems.

See the tabs below for the supported systems and the steps to take to set up SSO.


SSO with Microsoft Entra ID SSO with OpenID Connect SSO with SURFconext SSO with ADFS

Follow these steps (see also screenshot below) if you're using Microsoft Entra ID (formerly known as Azure Active Directory).

You may need an administrator to perform this. Next, our development team will approve your request so that you can log in using your own Microsoft Entra ID.


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