Can I extend the response period for my Team Scan?


The Team Scan helps teams to improve their team’s dynamics and to determine unused potential. After scheduling your Team Scan, you may still decide that you want to keep the survey open for longer than initially selected. This article explains how you can extend the response period. 

Extending the period 

If a Team Scan is already running, it can be extended for a maximum of 10 days up until 12 hours before the survey is closed. No changes can be made if there are fewer than 12 hours remaining before the survey is scheduled to end.

Only Local Coordinators, Central Coordinators, or Project Coordinators can extend the period. 


Go the Team Scan project in My Effectory. Click on the Team Scan that is currently running.

You can see the planned period in the survey settings.


Click on "Extend survey period" 


Here you can choose the number of days by which you wish to extend the period. 
  • 1 day 
  • 2 days 
  • 3 days 
  • 5 days 
  • 7 days 
  • 10 days 


Check that the extension is correct and confirm your choice. 

Important information: 

  • The survey period can only be extended once, so if your Team Scan has already been extended you will not be able to make a further extension. 
  • You can only extend a survey that is currently running; you cannot reopen a survey that has already been closed. 
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