Where do I find the Tips und Best Practices (formerly Team excercises)?


The Team Scan helps teams to improve their team’s dynamics and to determine unused potential. All team members will have access to the results after the Team Scan. The results also include tips and best practices to get your team started working on the insights. In this article you will learn where to find the tips and best practices (formerly team exercises). 

Opening the results dashboard 

You can find the Team Scan results in the results dashboard. You can access the results dashboard by navigating to the Team Scan project in My Effectory and selecting the survey under "Results." You can also click on the link in the emailnotifying you that your results are ready.Once logged in, you will see an overview of the survey results. 

The "Scores" tab

The Tips & Best practices can be found under the "Scores" tab. Position your mouse on a question to show the "Insights" button.

Click on "Insights" to see how this question was answered by all respondents as well as a trend analysis of previous surveys (if taken place). Under the second tab you will find Tips & Best practices related to this question.




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