Is the Team Scan confidential?


The Team Scan helps teams to improve their team’s dynamics and to determine unused potential. We believe it is very important that the responses of each individual team member remain confidential. In this article you will learn how the Team Scan guarantees confidentiality.


Your participation in the Team Scan is treated confidential. This means that your individual results will never be linked back to you; we will only report average results for each team.

A minimum of five participants is a requirement for the results to be reported. This means that at least five team members must have completed the survey in full. If there are fewer participants, results will not be shown. This guarantees the privacy and confidentiality of respondents.

Open responses 

The responses that you and your colleagues provide to the open-ended question are displayed word for word in the team report. However, the report will never state who made what remark. These measures ensure that the responses you give are never traceable to you as an individual. The full privacy statement can be found at the bottom of the email with the link that you receive when the survey is initiated.

Read more about how confidentiality is safeguarded here: How does Effectory safeguard confidentiality? – Effectory


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