How do I create a Team Scan for my team?


The Team Scan helps teams to improve their team’s dynamics and to determine unused potential. In this article you will learn how to create a Team Scan in My Effectory.

Local Coordinator 

For creating a Team Scan, you need permission to do so in My Effectory. You can only initiate a Team Scan if you are assigned as a Local Coordinator. Learn how to assign these permissions here: How do I assign access rights to create a Team Scan? – Effectory


Step 1. Go to My Effectory, log in with your username and password and open the Team Scan project.

Step 2. Click on "Create a survey."

Step 3. Give your survey a clear name. For example, "Team Scan— Team Yellow — 01/2023."

Step 4. Select the participants.

Step 5. Select the time period during which you wish to conduct the survey.

Step 6. Review and confirm the questions.

Step 7. Save your settings or confirm your survey. Discuss survey’s settings with your team(s) and send your survey.

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