How does the Team Scan work?


The Team Scan helps teams to improve their team’s dynamics and to determine unused potential. In this article you will learn how to plan and implement a Team Scan.

When should I use a Team Scan?

The team itself should decide if and how often it will make use of the Team scan. This increases engagement with the scan process and with the discussion of the results.      

How do you assign the right coordinators?

One organizer per team (Local Coordinator, usually a supervisor) is authorized to initiate assessment for the team by following three simple steps.  

There is a default recommended set-up for coordinators regarding Team Scan. Since the scan empowers teams to get in action, we advise you to give employees (participants) access to My Effectory. How? The Local Coordinators who created a Team Scan can add the Results Access Coordinators on the project page.

If you don’t want to involve teams in My Effectory, you can also still use My Feedback to release results.

The survey starts

After planning the survey by a Local Coordinator, each team member will then receive an email containing a link to a short survey. In the survey, everyone indicates how they perceive their work and the team.  

After the scan

Once the answering period ended, each team member will be invited to view the team's results. The results provide a clear picture of where the team stands and what the key areas for improvement are. This is the starting point for dialog about improving team performance. The dashboard also helps teams by providing team exercises per question to follow-up. Those can be found in the Tips & Best Practices area.

If teams need additional help or inspiration, we can provide, on request, a number of exercises or interventions for each question that the team can use. 




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