What criteria does my team need to fulfill in order to use the Team Development Scan?


The Team Development Scan helps teams to improve their team’s dynamics and to determine unused potential. In order to use the Team Development Scan, teams must fulfill certain criteria. In this article you will learn more about the criteria for the Team Development Scan.

Four criteria 

There are four criteria that teams must fulfill to successfully use Team Development.

1. Adequate support within the team 

The starting point of Team Development is always the team itself, i.e. the team decides to work on achieving a better team performance. The motivation to work on team dynamics must therefore be existent in the team. The process can, of course, be initiated by a supervisor, but for achieving the best results with the Team Development Scan it is important that the majority of the team supports it. 

2. A fully fledged team 

In order to initiate a team’s progress by using the Team Development Scan, the team must truly function as a team. This means that the team must pursue a common goal that involves a certain degree of agencyin order to achieve that goal. In addition, the entire team must meet on a regular basis. 

3. Discussing results together and taking action 

To achieve results with the Team Development Scan, it is important that the results are discussed by the team as a whole and that a follow-up takes place in the form of tangible and achievable action points. Each team member can influence a team’s dynamics. It is therefore necessary for everyone to work on the actions for improvement.

Ideally, the discussion should take place with all team members at the same time. Preparatory work and follow-up work in small groups is also a possibility, but the results are often less effective.  

It goes without saying that more established teams that are used to engaging in dialogues and reflecting on their performance will improve faster and achieve results more easily. 

Progress will be slower for teams that are less accustomed to reflection. However, the team scan is also an excellent tool to help these teams with making the team dynamics transparent and opening them up for discussion. In addition, the team scan is packed with tips and practical exercises that make it easy to take action. 

4. Team size with regard to confidentiality

Our results dashboard reports scores for teams with at least 5 respondents. If a team is too small to fully report, but has more than 3 respondents, the dashboard shows limited insights. Limited insights refer to general points of pride and improvement, without scores. See Confidentiality rules: Why do I see limited results or no results? – Effectory for more information.


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