What is the theory behind the team-scan?


The Team scan helps teams to improve their team’s dynamics and to determine unused potential.  In this article you will learn more about the theory behind the team scan.

Leading theories 

We have researched all leading theories relating to team development and managed to determine the key characteristics which all these theories have in common. It goes without saying that we had a close look at the theory by Tuckman and Lencioni, as well as at some lesser-known models such as the GRPI model or theories on high-performance teams. We have also applied our own knowledge and experience — as we have spent years researching what works well within organizations and teams and what does not. 

Simple and practical model 

The theories mentioned above form the basis of the team scan, but the scan is certainly not a direct translation of only one of these theories. Instead,we have consciously chosen not to prioritize just one single theory for the team scan, and we have opted for determining a"rough common denominator"taken from various theories and converted it into a simple and practical modelthat is understandable to everyone.   

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