What is the Team Scan?


What is the Team Scan and how can you use it? In this article you will learn about the Team Scan.

What is the Team Scan? 

The Team Scan is a practical scan that provides a quick and easy way to identify opportunities for improvement within a team and to pinpoint how the team can take advantage of these opportunities. The Team Scan provides teams with a tool that allows them to track and improve their own performance. By practical tips and exercises for the team to complete, they are additionally helped along the way.

Why have a tool specifically for teams? 

The pace of change is becoming ever more rapid. It is therefore becoming increasingly important for organizations to be able to respond properly to change. In order to improve agility, more and more organizations are allocating responsibilities to individual teams, as it is much easier to implement changes at team level. Teams are able to rapidly determine what internal and external customers require and quickly adapt to these needs. When teams are better suited to customers’ needs, the organization as a whole will be able to adapt to expectations in a more natural and fluid way.

In short, organizational success is a direct consequence of the performance of teams. The challenge here is helping teams to perform as well as they possibly can. Healthy team dynamics are more important than ever!

Improving team dynamics can be a challenge. It is often difficult for a team to break free from their daily routine and dive into what is happening below the surface, even though this is a highly beneficial venture. The Team Scan helps teams with this.

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