How to set up data integration?


My Effectory allows you to save time and effort by synchronizing your employee data directly from your HR-information system through integration. We offer both native integrations and an integration through SFTP connection. My Effectory guides you through the first steps of setting up an integration. In this article you will learn how to go through the set-up process. 

If you want to set-up a data integration, or if you are curious weather this would be a suitable solution for your organization make sure to contact your customer success manager.

When you are ready to set up the integration, go to the "Organization" tab and klik on "HR system integration"


Select an option for integration 


AFAS Personio SFTP

Download the instruction manual to learn more about when and why to integrate employee data, and how it works with AFAS. 


Step 1: Download the GetConnector template & import to AFAS

Download the GetConnector and import it to AFAS. The GetConnector contains all essential employee fields. Note: Some additional fields might be needed depending on your organization's listening landscape. 


Once downloaded, click "Continue" to go to step 2. 

Step 2: Fill in Environment ID & API token

Fill in your environment ID and API token retrieved from AFAS (see instruction manual).


Step 3: Download and review data

When the connection is setup, you can download the dataset that My Effectory has received from your AFAS account.

Make sure to check if all needed data categories are included, if the data is correct, and the content of the columns are valid.


Step 4: Send integration request

After downloading and checking the data, click "send request".  Our team will take it over from there to complete the set-up.



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