How to automate linking coordinators

What is Coordinator linking?

Coordinator linking in My Effectory is a feature that allows you to connect managers with their corresponding teams automatically. Based on your organizational structure, the coordinator linking in My Effectory turns your managers into group coordinators and grants them access rights to their groups' survey results.

What is needed for using this feature? When preparing your employee data, you can add each employee's direct manager as an attribute. Adding managers at this stage will help you delegate access rights once you have started your first project.


Why is coordinator linking useful?

The coordinator linking feature can help

  • to save a lot of time and effort of otherwise assigning coordinators manually.
  • to avoid (human) mistakes in the process of correctly assigning managers to their teams.


Automation settings

Who can set up coordinator linking? Only Central and Project coordinators can adjust these settings, which apply to the entirety of the project.

  1. Access the Coordinator linking settings on the Group coordinators page of your project.
  2. Click on the toggle on the top-right of the page to open the pop-up window.
  3. Choose one of three coordinator linking options:
    • Off
    • Auto-suggest
    • Auto-assign

Note: can easily switch between automation settings at any moment. Remember that any changes made to your coordinators setup will only apply to future surveys! Any surveys that are complete, running, or starting within the next twelve hours will not be affected. Learn how you can grant access rights to the results of these types of surveys in this guide.


Option 1: Coordinator linking off

This is the default setting for any new project. When Coordinator linking is off, My Effectory does not make automatic suggestions or assignments. With this setting, all group coordinators need to be assigned manually.


Option 2: Auto-suggest

When Coordinator linking is set to auto-suggest, My Effectory uses the manager information in your employee data to propose potential coordinator links. Suggestions appear within each level of your group structure and can be accepted or declined:

  • Accept: You can do so by clicking on the blue button. When a suggestion is accepted, the user linked to it will become a coordinator for that specific group in your reporting structure. Remember that when a coordinator is assigned to one particular group, they will also gain access to all its underlying groups!

    By default, every suggestion is set to Result access coordinator. You may manually change this to Local coordinator before accepting it.

  • Decline: You can do so by clicking on the X instead. This means that that suggestion will be removed and will not be displayed again.

Note: If you do nothing, suggestions stay suggestions and do not take effect. Therefore they do not affect your project or surveys!


Who can accept or decline suggestions? Although only Central or Project coordinators can change the automation setting, Local coordinators can accept or decline suggestions and manually add other coordinators for the groups to which they have access.

Final confirmation: After adjusting your coordinator setup, you must confirm the changes by clicking Review & confirm at the bottom right of the page. Only then will all your changes take effect. Alternatively, you can discard the changes.


Making changes in bulk

My Effectory will notify you of the number of potential coordinators with a banner at the top of the Group coordinators overview. Here, you can accept or decline all suggestions at once.

You can also change roles and accept or decline suggestions in bulk by selecting one or more coordinators using the checkboxes next to their names.


Adding coordinators manually

With auto-suggest enabled, it is also possible to add coordinators manually. To do so, find the group you want to add a coordinator to and click the + sign on the right-hand side. For more detailed instructions, check out this article.


Disabling auto-suggest coordinators

If auto-assign is turned off later, any suggestions already accepted and confirmed are retained.


Option 3: Auto-assign

With auto-assign enabled, My Effectory uses the manager information in your employee data to assign coordinators. Therefore, these assignments are active immediately and don't need to be confirmed manually. For this reason, we recommend keeping your employee data accurate and up-to-date if you want to use this feature.

When this option is enabled at a later stage, any already-linked coordinators are retained. It also remains possible to add more coordinators manually.

By default, auto-assigned coordinators are Result access coordinators. They can be switched to Local coordinators but cannot be removed.


Adding coordinators manually

With auto-assign enabled, adding coordinators manually remains possible.


Disabling auto-assign coordinators

If you turn off this option, previously auto-assigned coordinators will lose access to assigned groups. Coordinators added manually, however, are retained.


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