Coordinator linking - What is it and how does it work?


My Effectory allows you to save time when assigning access rights, by automating the process. We call this coordinator linking. In this article you will find all the information on what coordinator linking is and how it works.


1. What is coordinator linking?

Coordinator linking in My Effectory describes the automated process of connecting managers with their corresponding teams. My Effectory will turn your managers into group coordinators and give them access rights to their groups’ surveys and results.

2. How managers become coordinators in My Effectory

When you prepare your employee file in Excel, you have the option to add your managers’ data separately as an attribute of an employee. Adding managers at this first stage will help you delegate access rights once you have started your first project. After creating your organizational structure and adding participants to your project, you can manage coordinator roles on the Role management page.

3. How coordinator linking works

You can enable automated coordinator linking on the Role management page of your project. My Effectory will look up the participants’ managers and automatically link them as coordinators to their corresponding groups following the organizational structure you created earlier. This also means that the higher a manager is positioned in the organizational structure, the more groups they can access as a coordinator. Depending on which setting you select, My Effectory will either suggest or automatically assign the coordinators. 

Three settings

Coordinator linking is accessible on the role management page of your project and can be turned on and off as you see fit. You can choose between three settings:

    • Coordinator linking: Off

When you do not enable coordinator linking, it will be off by default. This means you will manually assign all group coordinators for your projects. 

    • Coordinator linking: Auto-suggest

When coordinator linking is set to Auto-suggest, My Effectory will suggest potential coordinators based on the manager information in your employee data. You can accept or decline these suggestions and assign them in bulk or one by one. 

    • Coordinator linking: Auto-assign

If you opt for Auto-assign, My Effectory will automatically assign coordinators to your project based on the manager information in your employee data. 

Keep in mind that your employee data needs always to be correct and up to date for this setting.


4. Why should I opt for coordinator linking?

Provided that your employee file includes manager data, automation can be a great asset for saving time and effort when setting up projects with many participants. The same goes for a large organizational structure with many sub-groups and different manager levels. Without automated coordinator linking, you will manually manage access rights for each group that is part of your project.

Furthermore, if your employee data system is already running on an integration with My Effectory, using automated features becomes even more feasible. Since your data is continuously updated and checked, errors in assigning coordinators are less likely to occur.

In conclusion, the decision to make use of coordinator linking can be based on the following:

  • The quality of your employee data
  • The extent of your organizational structure
  • Whether or not you include manager data in your employee data
  • Whether or not you need to share survey results with many different stakeholders


5. FAQs

  1. Can I still use coordinator linking if I do not have manager data in my employee file?

Yes, if you upload a new employee file where manager data is included as an attribute of an employee.

2. Can I switch in-between settings?

Yes, you can switch in-between automation settings by using the coordinator linking toggle on your role management page.

3. What coordinator roles will be assigned automatically?

By default, only Results access coordinators will be assigned. You can change the role to Local coordinator manually.


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