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By default, Effectory offers digital communication, invitations, and surveys. However, we offer coordinators the option to download printable survey invitations. This ensures that also employees without an e-mail address can be invited to the (digital) survey.

Will it be an online or offline survey?

The survey is completely digital. All employees can complete the questionnaire online. Employees who have an active email address will receive an email that contains a direct link to fill out the questionnaire. Employees without a company email address can receive a personalized printable invitation that contains their unique login code to fill out the questionnaire of the survey online.

Can the printable invitations be customized?

The project style and custom introductions are also reflected in Printable Invitations. This means that the primary color and logo set in the project settings in My Effectory will be applied to the printable invitations. If you have added a custom introduction text to your invitations, then it will also appear on the printable invitations. 

You can find more information on how to adjust your survey and mailing design in the following articles:

How to customize your survey and mailing designs – Effectory

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When can the invitations be downloaded?

The printable invitations are ready for download within a 12-hour window before the start of the survey. However, you have the option to generate the invitations in advance (so before the 12-hour window). 

Please be aware of the following guidelines when pre-generating the printable invitations:

  • Only generate invitations in advance if you really need to. You can face employee data or other survey updates, meaning you must generate the invitations again after each update.
  • In case of any data updates, you must generate the invitations again. This can happen up to 12 hours before the survey starts.
  • If you fail to generate the invitations again after there are changes, the invitations will be incomplete or incorrect.

Will you be informed when the invitations are available for download?

As a creator of the survey, you will also receive an email when the invitations are ready for download. You will receive this email within a 12-hour window before the start of the survey. After this you can download the invitations for the employees without a known email address, print them out and distribute them towards the relevant employee(s).


Below you will find some tips and guidelines on how to distribute these invitations and how to handle the confidential information within the invitations.

How to distribute the invitations?

To get the most out of your survey, it is important that everyone can fill out the questionnaire. The higher the response, the more you can improve and the better your organization becomes! This is what you can achieve by handing out the invitations. You are responsible for the correct distribution of the invitations, so please make sure to read the following instructions thoroughly.

  • After downloading the invitations you can print them
  • The invitation contains confidential information (name and personal code to the questionnaire), so do not leave invitations lying around and handle this information with care and respect to the sensitivity of it.
  • Make sure to hand out the invitation personally to the employee to whom the letter is addressed. This is stated on top of the invitation
  • Hand out the invitations personally before the start date of the survey

Some tips for downloading and printing

Your download is a zip file, which contains different folders with PDF files. These folders represent the groups to which the participants belong based upon the created hierarchy. So when you select the top group, you download invitations for all participants in all the sub-groups as well: they are represented in the folder structure. If you only need invitations for participants from a specific sub-group, make sure to make a single selection. The invitations are sorted alphabetically by first name within the pdf file.

Tip: When you want to print out all the available invitations in all folders at once, you can type *.pdf  in the search box at the upper right, select them all and choose print or drag the selected files to your printer queue.

What to do if you cannot hand out the invitations because some employees are at a different (offline) location?

Instead of downloading and distributing the invitations yourself you can choose to share the invitations for (some) groups to other central-, project- or local coordinators within your project and help you distribute the invitations to employees.

  • A creator of a survey (or the central coordinator) can select a specific coordinator (CC, PC or LC) per group for distribution
  • A user that has been chosen to help with the distribution will receive an email with a link to a download page on my Effectory where they can download the invitations.
  • After the download, the coordinator can print and hand out the invitations. If a coordinator needs to help with the distribution of multiple groups, he or she receives multiple emails (with different download links).

Important: Before you can assign coordinators to help you with distributing invitations, you need to assign local coordinators in My Effectory: Role management - How to add Group Coordinators? – Effectory



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