Automated Manager Linking

What is it?

Automated manager linking is the process to automatically generate manager rights.

How does this work?

When completing the employee file it's important to add a manager per employee. This allows My Effectory to automatically link the managers to their respective team(s).Once the lowest level managers are determined, then the system will give all the rights of a manager to their manager. This will repeat up the chain for all managers. 

Step 1. Create three columns and name them Manager First Name, Manager Last Name and Manager E-mail Address.

Step 2. Insert the managers first name, last name and e-mail address to the corresponding fields in the employee file per employee



Add your managers to your file as your employees

To be able to assign your managers their coordinating roles, they need to be added to your employee data as employees. Also, don't forget that your managers are employees too. You might want to send out a specific insight to them too to gain their insights.

Each manager is most likely also managed by another manager or, for example your CEO. Make sure that this management hierarchy is linear and not circular. This means that John can't be Martina's manager when Martina in turn is John's manager. Read more about circular loops here.

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