New results dashboard: FAQ

The new dashboard has been released and made available for your organization!

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Q: When will my account be migrated to the new dashboard?

A: You will be informed by Effectory about two weeks before migration. We will take the date results are made available within your organization into account.

Q: Do I have the option to toggle between the old and the new results dashboard?

A: No, this is not possible. Once migrated, only the new dashboard will be available. 

Q: Can we keep the survey results in the old dashboard?

A: No, all accounts will be migrated without exception. The software which calculates, displays and generates reports will be discontinued. If we do not migrate, the survey results cannot be displayed or downloaded.

Q: How will I know how to navigate the new dashboard?

A: Not only is the dashboard intuitive, but users will also be guided through the new dashboard when they first log on.

Q: Why do the scores differ from the old dashboard?

A: Note that in the time which elapsed since you received the results for a previous survey, if any changes were made to the default organization, migration of the previous survey to the new dashboard and therefore migration to the new calculation source, may now show some slight discrepancy to initial calculations. Based on our data science expertise, we view these discrepancies as minor and as not affecting the core results of your survey, which means they can still be considered valid for comparison with future results.

Q: With the recalculation, will the benchmark calculation also be updated to the most recent data?

A: No, when we calculate a past survey, its results will include the benchmark that is linked to the survey at the time.

Q: What is the outer ring of the theme web on the overview page?

A: This is the max score; either 10.0 with average scores or 100% with Top 2 Box.


Q: Why can't I see the "Top & Drop" scores in my Powerpoint report anymore?

In the earlier Powerpoint reports, the "Top & Drop" scores-slide showed the 3 questions that increased the most and the 3 questions that decreased the most compared to the previous survey. This calculation is not supported by the new dashboard anymore, therefore you will not see it in the report.

The new dashboard offers an alternative to this overview. In the Scores tab you can rank the questions based on most improved and most decreased scores compared to the previous survey. This gives you a similar and more complete version of the Top and Drop scores overview. 

The Scores tab also offers an option to rank the questions by highest and lowest score, and by the most positive and negative differences between your group and the whole organization. This is termed positive and negative differences in group scores in the drop-down menu, and it is visible in the tiles named "What goes well" and "What can be improved" on the overview page.

For a complete guide of the results dashboard, see the article titled "How to use the new results dashboard".



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