How can I view and increase the response rate to my surveys?

Where can I view my response rate?

Follow your real-time survey response via My Effectory when you go to your specific project and then your survey. The response numbers that are shown are the absolute number of responses and the response rate percentages per group. The average response rate tends to vary in different sectors, but is generally around 55%-65% percent.

Use the search bar and/or the filter to search for a specific group, or to selectively show groups with response rates below a certain percentage.
Click on the button “Share response rate” to download a widget that can be shared on the intranet.


How and when to increase your response rate
Has the survey been running for some time, but the response is still low? Here are three ways to increase your response rate! 

1. Emphasize that responses are treated confidentially & share Effectory's confidentiality statement

One of the main reasons that employees do not respond is that they are afraid the survey is not confidential and that any (critical) feedback may have negative consequences for them. Therefore, it's important to communicate from the start that your survey is carried out by an independent research agency - Effectory. Do so during meetings and send our confidentiality statement to your employees too. This document clearly explains how Effectory respects the confidentiality of their responses.

2. Communicate the goals of your survey and what you plan to do with their feedback

Many employees don't respond to surveys, because they assume that nothing will be done with their feedback. To tackle this, communication is key! Be clear about the specific goals of your survey, and emphasize that you need their input for any (organizational) improvements. Be transparent about your planning and keep your employees informed about the steps of action you will take once the results are in, both on an organizational and team/department level.

3. Allocate the time for your employees to fill in the survey
Give your employees the time & freedom to fill in the questionnaire during working hours. In the survey it's clearly stated how many questions it consist of, and how long it usually takes to complete it. This way your employees will know what they can expect.


Why is it important to increase your response rate?

The more employees participate in your survey, the more representative your results will be. Each additional opinion translates into insights you can use to build sustainable solutions for your organization!


If you don't know where to find our confidentiality statement, don't hesitate to contact our Helpdesk


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