How does the Effectory Response App work?

With the Effectory Response app you can follow the real-time response to your survey, anytime and anywhere.

What are the possibilities with the Response App?
You can use your My Effectory credentials to log into the app. These details are available to all clients of Effectory and InternetSpiegel. Once you have logged in, select the project that you want to look at in more detail. You can only see projects and surveys that you have been given access to. Would you like to the follow the response of a survey you created yourself? If so, first select the project it belongs to, and then select your survey on the following page.

The "Quickview" page will open straight away. This page allows you to see real-time response figures at a glance, and consists of three different tabs:

  • RESPONSE: The percentage of employees who have provided feedback. You can view the figures both as a percentage of your total organization and broken down by group.
  • RESPONDENTS: The actual number of respondents, including groups.
  • STATUS: The duration of the survey and the responses received per day.


Satisfied with the responses so far? Great! Disappointed with the number of responses? Send a reminder directly, to let your employees know just how valuable their input is.

Notable Groups
"Notable groups" displays the groups with the highest and lowest response rates, and consists of three tabs: TOTAL, HIGH and LOW.


Compare Groups
Curious about how certain groups are doing in comparison to other groups? Create your own response overview by selecting just the groups that you want to compare. Select your groups using the tree menu in the "ALL GROUPS" section. These groups are then displayed in a clear list under "SELECTED GROUPS." The corresponding response percentage is displayed next to each group.


Would you like to view the responses from a different project or survey? Open the menu and click "Select project and survey." You will then see the same selection screens that you saw when you logged in.

Does your survey have multiple hierarchies? Use the "Select structure and group" option to choose which hierarchy you want to view.
Clicking a specific group in this overview will take you straight to the "Quickview" screen for that group.

The menu contains the other functions that the app offers:
• Refresh: To refresh the response data
• Helpdesk: A direct link to the Effectory support page if you have questions or need help
• About Effectory
• Sign out

If you have any questions, contact the Effectory Helpdesk via

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