Which group am I in, why and who added me to this group?

Which group am I in?

In your invitation we tell you which group you're in. If you only see a survey name, however, you're handpicked for a specific survey together with other participants. If you'd like to know more about that selection, you can contact your own manager or organization's HR manager.


Why am I part of a group or selection? 

You are part of a group or selection of participants because we show your organization results on a group level, for example what goes well or what to improve. Your organization will not be able to see your individual results or get to know if you did or did not participate in this survey.


Who added me to this group?

Our contact for your organization has added you to this group. This is most likely an HR manager or your own team manager. You can ask your manager to know more. Or contact our helpdesk


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