What do the different roles in My Effectory mean?

In My Effectory your organization's managers, HR contact person and colleagues will be assigned different roles with different responsibilities and access rights.  

Roles & rights overview for My Effectory


Central coordinator
The central coordinator is the HR lead for everything My Effectory. This person is also the contact person for Effectory from your organization. The central coordinator sets up all projects and/or survey(s) in My Effectory.

Local coordinator
A local coordinator is selected by the HR project leader (central coordinator), and can create and send out their own surveys in My Effectory. The local coordinator is often a manager, team leader or, for example, a location manager. The local coordinator can log in to My Effectory with their business e-mail address and self-created password. 

My supervisor or manager
Your supervisor or manager refers to the person who is formally, on paper, your supervisor. This is usually the person with whom you may conduct performance and / or appraisal interviews. In case of doubt, you can ask your supervisor who is meant by the supervisor in the survey. 

As soon as you have received an invitation for a survey from Effectory, you are a respondent. Your organization works together with Effectory as a collaboration partner. 

My colleagues
Your colleagues are the employees with whom you work directly. These are usually the employees who, like you, are assigned to the same survey group. In case of doubt, you can ask your supervisor who is meant by your colleagues in the survey.


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