Which group have I been placed in?

In the invitation that you have received you can see which group you have been placed in, or which survey you have received an invitation for. If your organization has chosen to send out one survey to the entire organization, the group in which you belong will be stated in your invitation. The group division was created by our contact person of the organization that you are completing the questionnaire for. If you have any questions about the group division or which group you have been placed in, you can contact your manger to ask who is coordinating the survey in the organization.

It could also be that your organization has opted for the possibility to appoint managers as local coordinators and to have them create surveys themselves. Then you will see the name of the survey, and not the group, stated in your invitation. This name was created by the local coordinator who created the survey. If it is not clear for what purpose and for which team you have to fill in the questionnaire, contact your manager or your HR contact person.

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