What are the technical conditions required in order to be able to run Teamie on my computer?

If you use one of these browsers, you can use Teamie hassle-free:

  • The latest version of Firefox
  • The latest version of Safari for Mac
  • The latest version of Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 11+

If Teamie e-mails do not arrive or the Teamie page does not work, carry out the whitelisting steps below (this means your organization has selected certain settings that block Teamie).

The IT department at your organization can do this for you! Should they have questions, they can contact the Effectory support team at helpdesk@effectory.nl. 

E-mail whitelisting for the invitations sent (bulk e-mail):

Domain: @teamie.nl

FQDN: mail3.effectory.nl

E-mail server IP:


Whitelisting for the web servers  used:


  • https://questionnaire.teamie.nl
  • https://portal.teamie.nl
  • https://webapi.teamie.nl
  • https://signin.effectory.com

 In addition, that person can also check if the important technical features work:



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