What is on My Effectory and where is it?

After you have logged in to My Effectory, you will immediately arrive on the homepage.

Not sure how to log in? Read this article.

On My Effectory you can find all the relevant information in regard to your survey(s). On the left side you can see the menu, with the different tabs described  below. It's good to know that the tabs you see in your menu may differ depending on your role and access rights. 




Local Coordinator

Global/Central Coordinator

No access to My Effectory.

To view & compare your answers go to My Feedback.

Access to:

  • Response overview
  • Result & action dashboard
  • My Feedback

Access to:

  • Create your own survey
  • Response overview
  • Result & action dashboard


Access to:

  • Employee Exchange
  • Files
  • Create your own survey
  • Response overview
  • Result & action dashboard
  • Homepage: Everything comes together on the homepage. An dashboard that quickly gives you access to the most relevant information, and the latest updates of the running project(s). It also shows notifications with the next steps of action for you.
  • Employees: Manage all your employee data in one clear overview. To learn more about how Employee Exchange works read this article. (link)
  • Projects: An overview of all running and completed projects for your organization.
  • Project pages: Depending on the kind of project that is running, you will see different page content. 
  • Survey pages: Every Pulse project includes several surveys, and each survey has its own page. The survey page contains all the important information such as status, response, and the results. 
  • Analytics: Here you can access your Custom Analytic reports (e.g. Text Analytics), if applicable. Additional functionalities for online insights on organizational level will be added in the future. 

In the bottom left corner you can change your account details, such as your username or language preference. 


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