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My Feedback is a tool designed to help you, the respondent, gain valuable insights from your survey results. It allows you to view your answers and compare them with those of your team and your organization. By using My Feedback, you can gain a deeper understanding of your survey results and see how they align with your team and organization.

Activating your My Feedback account

You can activate your My Feedback account:

  • After completing a survey
  • Once the survey has closed and results are available

What My Feedback Displays

The information displayed in My Feedback depends on the options selected by your organization. It can include:

  • Team results
  • Benchmark
  • Higher level results
  • Previous survey results
  • Overall organization results

My Feedback Overviews

My Feedback provides two main overviews:

My Feedback Overview

  • You can see your personal answers compared to your team, benchmark, and any additional information chosen by your organization.
  • This view is available only if you have completed the survey.

Team Results Overview

  • This overview compares the team's results to previous survey scores, the total score, and the benchmark.
  • This view is available for everyone invited to participate in the survey
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