My Effectory Release Notes (14-05-2024)

Results Release settings

Tailor the sharing of survey results precisely to your organization's needs, ensuring that the relevant insights reach the right people at the best time.

  • Customize when and how your survey results are shared, if at all.
  • Phased release options for targeted sharing.
  • Automated notifications ensure stakeholders are always in the loop.

Learn more about it here!


New HRIS integrations

My Effectory now offers native integrations with over twenty HR Information Systems! Click here for the full list and to find out how to request one.


Question library in My Effectory

We started rolling out the new Question Library to the first eligible customers. Find out more about what this new feature entails here.


Pre-generate hard-copy invitations

We made the process of pre- and re-generating hard-copy invitations even smoother and less time-consuming.


Survey page design changes

We have streamlined the design of the survey creation page to align it with that of the rest of the platform. 



We're making it easier than ever to share your survey results with your entire organization! E-mail, print, or hang our new one-pager to provide your audience with all the most relevant insights. This includes:

  • Scores on themes.
  • Highest and lowest scoring questions.
  • Feel good topics.
  • Ideas for improvement.
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