My Effectory Release Notes (16-01-2024)

Download assigned Group coordinators

It is now possible to export an Excel overview of all assigned Group coordinators within a project or within a survey.


Enhanced management of survey result access rights

Local coordinators can now assign result access rights for all surveys they are linked to, even ones they did not create.


Integrations Marketplace

Our brand-new Integrations Marketplace makes it easier than ever to explore HRIS integration possibilities. Read all about it here!


HRworks employee data integration

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with HRWorks, that allows for a seamless automation of employee data exchange through our integrations marketplace.

With this latest addition, setting up a connection has never been easier. Use the user-friendly step-by-step guide in the Integrations Marketplace to effortlessly configure your integration and streamline the exchange of employee information.

Simplify data management, save time and improve collaboration and efficiency with this new integration option.


Automatic updates and notification of changes in survey participants

Stay aware of updates in your employee data that affect the participant selection in your survey. These updates aim to enhance your survey planning experience by providing timely notifications and clear visibility into participant data change.

  • Receive instant notifications during survey planning if your participant selection has changed due to updates in the employee data.
  • Stay informed about any modifications to your participant pool, ensuring your survey accurately reflects the current organizational landscape.
  • On the survey page, view a timestamp indicating when the last automatic update occurred, visible in both draft and planned states, up to 12 hours before the survey starts.
  • Detailed logs highlight specific changes made to participant data during the automatic update, offering transparency into alterations affecting your survey.

Click here to learn more about employee data updates in existing surveys.


Enhancements in survey design creator

We have added more features to the design template customization options:

  • Delete design template: Now you have the ability to delete a created design template. This action is non-disruptive to completed, running, or planned surveys that utilize the deleted design. The template will be softly removed from the list of designs. A deleted style won't be selectable anymore when creating a new survey.
  • Adjust background image opacity: Take control of your questionnaire's aesthetics by changing the opacity of the background image. This feature allows you to create a lighter background, enhancing the visibility of buttons and improving the overall user experience.
  • Toggle background pattern on/off: My Effectory now supports a default background pattern of dots, but we understand that preferences vary. With the new toggle option, you can easily turn the background pattern on or off, giving you the flexibility to customize your survey's visual elements according to your preferences.


General question library improvements

We have reviewed and improved our standard questions in English, Dutch, and German.


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