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Q: What is the difference between a benchmark and the top 3?
A: A benchmark is an average of the scores of all organizations or chosen benchmark such as industry benchmark. The top 3 is the average of the 3 best scoring organizations within that group of organizations.

Q: Are Machine Learning or AI algorithms employed in calculating benchmarks?
A: No, our benchmarking does not include any machine learning or AI algorithms. We aggregate scores from employees across various companies, then categorize them into questions, themes and industries.

Q: How old are the survey scores within the benchmark?
A: Our Effectory Index is updated every month. The GEEI is updated every two years

Q: What other companies are in my industry?
A: Due to contractual agreements, we're unable to disclose customer names.

Q: How many benchmarks can I choose?
A: The number of benchmarks you can select in your project depends on your subscription plan/package. You will see how many are available to you on the project settings page.

Q: Why does my question not have an external benchmark?
A: There are two reasons your question may not have an external benchmark

  • If it is a custom question, this question does not have a benchmark as it is a question specifically made for your organization.
  • There is not enough data to provide a benchmark because this question might not have been asked across sufficient customers to be permitted to have its own benchmark score.


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