Benchmarking: How it works


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When are benchmarks visible?

The majority of our Effectory questions and themes are benchmarked, whether it is externally (to the industry) or internally (against your own organizational scores). As a result, when viewing a score on the dashboard, the benchmark score will also be visible, to anchor the data and provide additional context.

Organizations choose their benchmark

Organizations can choose between the following organization-wide benchmarks:

  • the Effectory index (all companies)
  • a specific industry,
  • country/region or
  • custom benchmark
  • Top 3 Benchmark (this is ideal for customers who already perform above average by allowing them to be compared with high-performing organizations)

*N.B. A maximum of two benchmarks can be made available (depending on the plan/package you have)

Click here to see all types of benchmarks Benchmarking: Types of benchmarks

To configure your benchmark, see Benchmarking: How to configure a benchmark

How to view benchmarks in the dashboard

In the results dashboard, benchmark details are visible across the various tabs. Users can view external and/or internal benchmarks depending on their project settings.
To see how the benchmarks are shown on the dashboard, please read the following articles:

This comprehensive integration of benchmark data throughout the dashboard empowers users to effectively track their organization's performance against relevant benchmarks, facilitating informed decision-making and targeted action plans for improvement.


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