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Under the tab Topics & Ideas, you will find the following sections:

The pride and improvement tiles

The pride and improvement questions are twofold. Respondents are asked to tick important topics that they are either proud of or require improvement. The percentages and number of participants who chose each topic is displayed in the colored bars. Depending on the number of questions on pride and improvement topics included in the survey, you will see either 2 boxes or 4 boxes (See all options below):

Open answers

After selecting a topic of pride or improvement, respondents are asked to provide a written answer. In the results dashboard,

  • you can find the respondents' answers by clicking on Learn more
  • you can bookmark individual answers by clicking on the bookmark icon.


Click on the Bookmarks tab to see all bookmarked answers. This allows you to easily find your selected answers at a later point.

mceclip2.pngClick on the bookmark icon again to remove the bookmark from an answer.

Note that bookmarks are only visible to the one user who set the bookmark. Bookmarks are not shared with other users who have access to the results.


Search function

The Search field allows you to find all answers containing a certain key word or phrase.

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