Language codes for your employee data file

Including the Language variable in your employee data enables us to address your employees in their preferred language. When responding to a survey, participants will also see the questionnaire in the language assigned to them in the employee file.

What should the Language variable look like?

My Effectory uses ISO 639-1 standard language codes. Once you've matched your column containing language data with our Language field, My Effectory will automatically show you all available options in a drop-down menu. See a list of all supported languages below.


Supported languages and their codes

Code Language Code Language
cs-CZ Czech (Czech Republic) ko-KR Korean (Korea)
da-DK Danish (Denmark) lt-LT Lithuanian (Lithuania)
de-CH German (Switzerland) lv-LV Latvian (Latvia)
de-DE German (Germany) nb-NO Bokmål (Norway)
en-GB English (United Kingdom) nl-BE Dutch (Belgium)
en-US English (United States) nl-NL Dutch (Netherlands)
es-ES Spanish (Spain) pl-PL Polish (Poland)
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) pt-PT Portuguese (Portugal)
et-EE Estonian (Estonia) ro-RO Romanian (Romania)
fi-FI Finnish (Finland) ru-RU Russian (Russia)
fr-BE French (Belgium) sk-SK Slovak (Slovakia)
fr-CH French (Switzerland) sl-SI Slovenian (Slovenia)
fr-FR French (France) sr-Latn-RS Serbian (Latin, Serbia)
hr-HR Croatian (Croatia) sv-SE Swedish (Sweden)
hu-HU Hungarian (Hungary) te-IN Telugu (India)
it-CH Italian (Switzerland) tr-TR Turkish (Turkey)
it-IT Italian (Italy) uk-UA Ukrainian (Ukraine)
ja-JP Japanese (Japan) zh-CN Chinese (Simplified)


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