Confidentiality and answers to open-ended questions


This article is part of Effectory's resources on confidentiality. For more information about our commitment to the confidentiality of participants' answers and the measures we take to guarantee it, please refer to this article.


Answers to open-ended questions offer valuable qualitative insights. However, the responses they capture are far more traceable than quantitative scores. Recognizing the sensitivity of this qualitative data, Effectory adopts a strict approach when reporting answers to open-ended questions:

  • Confidentiality measures: To ensure the confidentiality of individual responses, answers to open questions are only reported in the survey's inviting structure. On any other structures, open answers remain hidden. This measure minimizes the risk of individual traceability across various reporting structures.
  • Language consistency: Only one language is used for the reporting of answers to open questions. This approach addresses the potential risk of individual traceability in organizations with multiple languages. Open comments written in a language different from the survey's default language are automatically translated into the default language.
  • Minimum number of respondents: Answers to open-ended questions for groups with less than five respondents are reported with the results of the higher-level group. In My Feedback, respondents can see all the answers to open-ended questions of the higher-level group, thereby not making the answer traceable to specific participants.

    Tip! You can read more about the minimum group size and minimum number of respondents in this article!
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