Introduction: PsyGB (Psychische Gefährdungsbeurteilung)

PsyGB (from German Psychische Gefährdungsbeurteilung) is a solution designed to evaluate psychological stress factors and spot groups within the organization with higher psychological stress levels.

Effectory's PsyGB...

  • provides organizations' HR and top-level management with practical and immediate information
  • can enhance the well-being of employees
  • and can improve the overall workplace conditions.


The benefits of PsyGB

  • Legal compliance: This solution can be used by German organizations to comply with the country’s legislation, which requires that they conduct psychological risk assessments within their organization.
  • Efficient structure: The assessment's simple format, consisting of only 10 questions, makes its setup and execution smooth and effective.
  • Scientifically validated: We built this solution on robust scientific research; making the insights it provides into psychological risks accurate and trustworthy.
  • Hotspot identification: It identifies areas of elevated psychological strain (hotspots) within an organization.
  • Actionable insights: It enables organizations to follow-up effectively based on the identified hotspots.
  • Enhances wellbeing: It helps cultivate a workplace culture that prioritizes employee well-being.
  • Data-driven decisions: A tool to leverage data to make informed decisions.


What does the assessment look like?

The questionnaire: The assessment consists of ten questions, each of which measures one specific dimension which could be identified as a potential stress-factor. The scores of the ten dimensions are then used to identify the psychological risk levels for different parts of the organization.
The results: In our reporting, we deliver insights by highlighting specific groups where psychological strain appears to be heavy, and therefore intervention is needed. We refer to these groups as "hotspots". In Germany, we work with specific partners for a thorough follow-up on the results.

The idea behind PsyGB

In response to changing work dynamics, there's a growing need to reevaluate occupational safety and health. Currently, there's a shift in focus towards understanding how mental stress affects employee motivation, performance, and well-being over time.
Many organizations are gradually addressing this, but face challenges due to unclear terminology and the unique nature of mental stress. Authentic communication and continuous improvement are crucial. A well-executed risk assessment can help adapt to changing work environments and enhance work quality, fulfilling legal obligations while promoting long-term organizational success.
Common misconceptions link mental stress to specific illnesses and treat it as a private matter. However, our assessment focuses on identifying and mitigating stressful work conditions, not individual mental health.

How to set up PsyGB?

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to explore the possibilities!
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