Reviewing your data before importing

Starting point You have already matched your employee data with our category fields and resolved potential duplicate Employee ID issues. After clicking on Start import, the Review before importing screen opens. This is the last step of the employee data import process.

The Review before importing page provides you with an overview of:
  • The employees that will be added: New employees that will be added to your existing employee data
  • The employees that will be updated: Existing employees for which changes have been detected in one or more data fields
  • The employees that will be removed: Existing employees who don't appear anymore in the file you're importing

  1. Review each overview by clicking on each of the three boxes.
  2. Indicate whether the change should be performed by (un-)ticking the checkboxes.
  3. Click on Start import.
    > My Effectory will begin to process your employee data file. You will be notified once completed. You will then immediately be able to view your up-to-date employee data in the Employees tab.

Note: Always keep your Employee ID values consistent in every upload! This is how My Effectory recognizes employees and detects whether records are being added, adjusted, or removed.
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