Instantly synch your employee data from your HR system

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Initiate an immediate synchronization of your employee data from your HR system that's integrated with My Effectory.
We've made the process of importing and maintaining your employee data in My Effectory even more seamless. With the new "Sync now" button you can instantly trigger a file synchronization between your integrated HRIS and My Effectory.
While your HR system is automatically set to synchronize employee data at regular intervals (typically every 24 hours), this new "Sync now" option allows you to transfer any updates in real time. By doing so, you can save valuable time and base your surveys on the most current and accurate information available.
Note: The "Sync now" feature is accessible for all native integrations. SFTP connections are not included.
Interested in setting up an integration with your HR information system?
Find detailed information here: How to set up data integration? – Effectory
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