What ESG Badges are currently available?


Effectory’s ESG Badge is the world’s first ESG badge accredited by your very own employees. While Effectory issues the badges, they’re really awards from your people, representing their voices as well as their votes of confidence In this article you will learn more about the ESG Badges that are available. 


There are currently 4 primary badges available: ESG Explorer, ESG Committed, ESG Achiever, ESG Leader. The badges are awarded to organizations who participate in the ESG Scan or whose ESG scores outperform the industry benchmark. 

Under the primary ESG Achiever & ESG Leader badges come the secondary badges, which are awarded to organizations whose ESG scores outperform the industry benchmark on a specific ESG theme:

ESG Achiever secondary badges:

  • ESG Achiever “Sustainable Health and Safety”
  • ESG Achiever “Diversity and Inclusion”
  • ESG Achiever “Wage Fairness and Retention”
  • ESG Achiever “Good Corporate Governance”
  • ESG Achiever “Sustainable Culture of Innovation”
  • ESG Achiever “Trust and Tone from the Top”

ESG Leader secondary badges:

  • ESG Leader “Sustainable Health and Safety”
  • ESG Leader “Diversity and Inclusion”
  • ESG Leader “Wage Fairness and Retention”
  • ESG Leader “Good Corporate Governance”
  • ESG Leader “Sustainable Culture of Innovation”
  • ESG Leader “Trust and Tone from the Top”


Overview of ESC Badges:

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