What are ESG Badges?


Effectory’s ESG Badge is the world’s first ESG badge accredited by your very own employees. While Effectory issues the badges, they’re really awards from your people, representing their voices as well as their votes of confidence In this article you will learn more about the ESG Badge. 


Employee-led accreditation process 

Unlike traditional accreditations, the Effectory ESG Badge is earned with the direct involvement of your employees. Every department, team, and individual is invited to participate in the process 100% confidentially and anoymously and their insights, suggestions, and feedback form the foundation of the accreditation.  This unique employee-led process intends to:

  • instill a high level of transparency and trust in your ESG efforts;
  • foster employee stewardship in your ESG initiatives.

A structured incentive and recognition program

As a key component of Effectory’s ESG offering, the ESG Badge is a program intended to:  

  1. Incentivize organizations to get started with ESG.
  2. Motivate them to continuously assess, improve, and showcase their ESG initiatives.
  3. Go beyond reporting and recognize and promote ESG commitments and excellence.  
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