Date formats in your employee data

Starting point When uploading employee data for the first time, you must indicate the date format used in your Excel file for columns like Birth date or Employment starting date.

My Effectory distinguishes two different date formats:
  • MM/DD/YYYY: Month-Day-Year (commonly used in the United States).
  • DD/MM/YYYY: Day-Month-Year (commonly used in many European countries).
Only the sequence of day, month, and year matters, regardless of the separators used. The date format displayed in the platform will be based on the language you are using. For example, it will display "15-01-2023" for Dutch, "15.01.2023" for German, "01/15/2023" for American English, and so on.

Automatic help from our system: During the uploading process of your employee data, the system checks your file for any cells that do not match the selected date format, and provides immediate feedback in case of inconsistencies. Once you have selected the date format you want to set as default, the system will adapt its date handling accordingly for future uploads.
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