Custom design for questionnaires and mailings


Customize your questionnaires and mailings with your  brand design.

 Now, when you create a survey, you have the freedom to choose a unique, custom design for your questionnaires and survey invitations. You can also add a personalized introduction to your invitation emails*.

This feature allows you to seamlessly integrate your brand identity into your surveys and communications, ensuring a consistent and memorable experience for all survey respondents. Go to your project settings and configure your custom design. 

*Custom mailing introductions are only available on Effectory Professional and Expert

Read more about creating design templates here: Customizing your survey and mailing designs

Read more about custom mailings here: Adding a custom introduction to mailings

Central coordinators and project coordinators can create design templates.

Central coordinators, project coordinators, and local coordinators can select designs and customize mailings when planning a survey.


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