Impact toolkit - Use your employee feedback to create impact in your organization

Impact through employee feedback

Achieving impact through an employee feedback strategy is more than just launching a survey; it's an ongoing process. Organizations often struggle to realize the desired impact, but there are multiple ways to enhance the influence of the feedback you collect.

Unlocking the full potential of employee feedback relies on three essential pillars:

Commitment: This commitment should come from leadership, direct managers, and employees themselves.

Capability: Equipping your teams with the skills to effectively act on feedback results.

Process: Establishing clear processes for feedback within the organization and teams.

Within this toolkit, we've compiled essential requirements, guiding questions, and practical tips to fortify these three pillars and empower your organization to create a lasting impact through employee feedback.

Need more help after reading the article? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to explore the possibilities, such as a train-the-facilitator workshop hosted by one of our expert People Strategy Consultants.

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